Be all you can be. A huge cliché, but very true. It’s amazing what happens when you truly focus on yourself, for the sake of yourself. You find what you’re passionate about and do it. You create habits which make you the person you want to be. You’re able to accomplish goals regardless of any external support or criticism you may or may not receive.

How about your company? Is your company the best it can be, purely because it can be? Are you building a culture of ‘catch-up’ or a culture of leadership? Are you partnering with other companies or customers who feel the same way? Do you sway to the whim of every customer complaint or do you solve the core problem the best way possible? It can be very hard to keep the focus of a company on the idea of being the best it can be. Customers are distracting, revenue is distracting, everything is distracting. Instead of solving problems the best way possible, you find yourself solving problems quickly so you can move onto the next problem. The goals change from being a great company to being what your customers need and that’s it.

Building for yourself can be extremely hard. It sets you up for failure and leaves you no one to blame but yourself. Yet if you’re able to keep that core ideal of being the best you can be, and internalize that mindset across your entire company the results are amazing. You’ll magically solve all your customer driven issues much faster and much more preemptively. You’ll add features and solve problems better than you could have otherwise. And you’ll have a lot more fun and satisfaction doing it.

Live for yourself. Build your company for yourself. And do it because you can, not because of any external reason. If you do, you’ll create something no one else can.