Recently acquired by Facebook, Instagram is a photo sharing app that now boasts more than 50 million users and is continuing to rapidly grow. A shocking 58 photos are uploaded per second!  Because of this, it’s important that you assess whether your company should have a presence on the app.

While it’s an obvious fit for fashion, beauty, and photography companies it can also be beneficial to those in tech, like start-ups. Basically, customers like to take a peek behind the curtain and see what’s going on within their favorite companies. And visually appealing updates can help you reach new audiences. So Instagram is a great way to share your company’s happenings and connect on another level. (Tip: You don’t necessarily have to set up an account using your company’s name, although that will help spread your brand further because people will be seeing its name within their feed on a regular basis. If you prefer the more personal approach, just encourage an individual like your CEO or a marketer to jump on board.)

(photo credit: @keeganwaslike)

It’s fairly simple to get started:

  1. Download the app and create an account.
  2. Once you’re logged in click on the icon on the far right to update your profile information including your photo and blurb. Then search for relevant folks and companies to follow using keywords or their names. (If you’re in tech, check out folks like New Relic, Code Academy, Foursquare, Zen Desk, Kevin Rose, Malbonster, and UberSocial.)
  3. Then click on the icon on the far left (the home button). This will show you a feed of the pictures from the accounts your following, as well as your own.
  4. Click on the camera icon in the middle to snap a picture, apply a filter, type in a caption including #hashtags (keywords that describe your photo so that it’s searchable) and publish.

Beyond the basics:

  • Remember to be active within the community. Pay attention to your home feed and interact with key consumers there. Like their photos by clicking on the heart or comment on them.
  • In terms of your own feed, it’s about what you are seeing more than what you are doing, so the more visually engaging your updates, the better. Try snapping photos from fresh angles and break out beyond the confines of your office space. Experiment with what grabs your attention.
  • Don’t forget to occasionally share your Instagram photos on Twitter and Facebook as well. If you’re creating great content, putting it out on a new platform can potentially bring over more viewers.

I know what you’re thinking. OK that all sounds great, but it feels like there aren’t many exciting things to take pictures around during my 8-5 grind. Don’t fret, it’ll be easier than you think. Here are a couple ideas ripe for snapping:

  • Your employees: at events, working, chatting with each other, out on the town
  • Signs: funny, vintage or cool signs around your office and town
  • Grub: your morning coffee or the plate of donuts someone brought in
  • Your city: beautiful sunsets, nature, and street art
  • Design: typography you find, cool patterns, interesting shadows
  • Swag: your tshirts, mugs, banners with your logo
  • Office space: the computers, the ridiculous number of wires, new posters, rooms

So now you’re ready to rock Instagram! Oh and hey, be sure to check us (@printfection) out on there. Feel free to drop us a note in the comments if your company is active too, so that we can follow you.