Balsamiq mockups is one of my all-time favorite companies. Small, profitable, and focused without a bunch of VC money. Just how I like ‘em!

Check out Balsamiq’s about us page (screenshot below). It’s filled with marketing insight you can apply to your own organization. What do you stand for? How are you different? Why should I buy from you? Simple questions. Hard to answer succinctly.

I’m a bit jealous of Balsamiq. For a startup, they’re doing so many things right:

  • nailed their messaging
  • are communicating clearly
  • know exactly who they’re speaking to

We’re still struggling with this – but learning from industry leaders like Balsamiq really helps. Keep reading below to learn five areas of the page that stand out as brilliant marketing. 

Here’s five areas of the page that stand out

The corner bistro

They’ve been using this analogy for years. I love it. Everyone has a favorite little family owned restaurant they just love going to. A perfect two-word analogy that gets to the heart of what Balsamiq is all about. It differentiates them too. So many software and web companies want to be the next Google or Facebook. Not Balsamiq! This immediately catches my attention, and I remember them for it.

The manifesto

Many small internet companies I look up to have a clearly articulated manifesto. Not only is a manifesto useful for communicating what you’re about to the external world, it helps align your team as well. And publishing a manifesto to the internet gives it some officialness, which is a good thing.

Contact us, we’re friendly people

You might know your company is friendly, but nobody else does! Your prospects probably think you don’t want to talk to them or answer their questions! Why? Because most companies go out of their way to avoid talking with their customers!

Telling customers and prospects you’re friendly is smart. It gives your audience a warm feeling. When I read this page, I’m not afraid to contact Balsamiq with a question because they’re friendly, and practically asking me to reach out to them!

Keeping it small and real

If you’ve ever started a club, organization, or business this line will resonate with you. Since startups are one of Balsamiq’s target markets, this is a brilliant paragraph. Much like 37signals, Balsamiq doesn’t apologize for being a focused, point-solution that solves a single problem. This is brilliant marketing AND a great strategy for becoming the best in the world at one thing.

Pictures of the *entire* team

A lot of companies have headshots of their executive team. The smart ones introduce every employee. The really smart ones have a picture of every employee. When your entire company is virtual on the web, this really helps customers, vendors, and the press get to know you. It’s amazing what a few pictures will do to personalize and humanize a company.

What do you think?

Do you like their about us page? Any other examples of great about us pages? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments!