You’re always trying to increase the number of customers your company works with. And as a marketer you know there are a ton of ways to begin working prospects through your funnel. To save you some time, we wanted to throw a few new ideas at you:

  1. How about offering your awesome t-shirts as a reward for completing a desired action?  For example, if a user creates an account in your system, reward them with a giveaway code.
  2. Tweaking your website copy and layout consistently can make a positive impact. Even something as small as changing the color or verbiage on the sign-up button could make a difference. And keep in mind, you don’t really know anything, until you test it. Beyond just shooting from yer gut, you should always be A/B testing to see what works best.
  3. Google and Bing would tell you this too: make sure your SEO is optimized! Be sure to use relevant content keywords (in blog posts for example) and make sure your programmers are adding the right meta-tags to your pages. Google’s keywords tool is great for seeing what types of words you should be including.
  4. How about placing re-marketing banner ads? If someone visits your site, follow them around with ads including an option to redeem your swag. That way you know if they’re paying attention, and increase their likelihood of remembering your company.
  5. And finally, think about offering a giveaway code to any customer that invites another customer via email. Word-of-mouth and referrals by people you know are some of the strongest marketing tools out there!

Have any additional ideas you’d like to share? Comment here!