There are three things I continually focus on, in the following order. Our vision, my team, our greatest needs. That’s my job in a nutshell, it’s that simple. Once I’m confident in the vision I then help my current team be as successful as possible. Only once my team is successful do I figure out our biggest needs. I review the vision and team constantly and step back to fix them if they fall behind.

The hardest part of this is the stopping. You should actually drop everything, stop executing, stop helping your team get better, if you don’t have the right vision. Completely exclude yourself from the company. Let everybody continue to work but don’t think about what they’re doing or help them in any way. Focus on the vision, figure out what it is first.

The same goes for your team. Don’t think about hiring, or what you should be doing if your current team doesn’t know how to execute. Just pick something, make a best guess then spend 100% of your time helping your team execute quickly and effectively.

Only after the first two items are done can you pull it all together by optimizing what you do or by bringing on additional resources. If you don’t do these items in this order, you’ll be treading water indefinitely.