Month: August 2012

Featured Work Space: Highgroove Studios

The Company: Highgroove Studios is a team of Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts committed to rapidly developing, deploying, and scaling web applications for companies. Since 2005, they’ve provided lean, agile development for tons of clients, written several books, taught workshops and classes around the world, developed several popular libraries and plugins, and met a bunch of great people. (more…)

Use your login page to maximum effect

It seems like a lot of companies (us included) don’t use their login page to its fullest potential. It’s currently an undervalued piece of real estate across the web.

Think about it, if you’re a SaaS app, every single one of your customers sees this page multiple times a week! It’s the perfect place to inform your users of anything that might benefit or interest them, like upcoming events, webinars, new features, and products. Plus there’s a bonus: you get your messaging in front of folks who’ve unsubscribed from your email communication! (more…)

Quick tips for rocking tradeshows and conferences

I know you’re always working to spread the word about your company, so if you’re planning on hitting the road for an event, here are a couple tips to help maximize your impact while you’re there: (more…)

Pick-up lines for startup geeks

We understand that if you’re working at a startup you’re pretty freaking busy. Which means you’re mostly married to your job, but stepping away from your work can often times give you the perspective you need to solve your latest problem. So why not enjoy tonight out on the town? Here’s a list of the 10 best geek pick up lines, guaranteeing you an amazing Friday night: (more…)

The magic of pricing

Perhaps you’ve heard about JC Penney’s switch to Fair and Square Every Day pricing this year? Basically after discovering they were currently selling 3/4 of their merchandise at 50% off, they decided to offer three prices beginning February 1st: (more…)

Featured Work Space:

The Company: is a one-stop shop where anyone can publish anything as a print or eBook for free and sell it to customers all over the world.  Since 2002, has helped over one million creators in over 200 countries and territories publish their remarkable works.  Creators set their own price and keep up to 90 percent of the profits when their book sells.  By introducing the world’s first Open-Publishing APIs for developers, is providing creators, businesses and publishers with even more freedom to create their own custom publishing solutions, powered by, and marketed under their own brands. (more…)