Month: July 2012

Applying Colin Powell’s leadership advice to your startup

Attention! By now you’ve probably heard Colin Powell‘s 13 rules of leadership (like “It ain’t as bad as you think” and “Share credit“). If you haven’t, you can catch them here. (more…)

5 Great books every entrepreneur and marketer should read

Remember those summer reading lists your school and library used to give to you? This is sort of like that, but way better. We’ve curated a list of top titles to help you take your company to the next level. We’ve included a range of topics: everything from motivation and psychology, to making big decisions strategically and innovating, to exploring the day to day grind of operating a business starting from scratch. Forge ahead: (more…)

The startupsphere has a problem and only Liz Lemon can fix it

If you’ve never seen 30 Rock (shame on you!) it’s a TV show that depicts what takes place behind the scenes of a fictional comedy series called TGS, that airs on NBC. And I believe its characters hold the answer to a crucial problem the startupsphere is facing: we’re sipping our own syrup, which is ultimately holding us all back. Bare with me here…. (more…)

Good artists copy, great artists steal

Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Which actually appears to be the case, as in Dan Ariely’s The Honest Truth About Dishonesty, he finds that “when creativity is in our job description we are more likely to say ‘go for it’ when it comes to dishonest behavior.” (more…)

Featured Work Space: Campaign Monitor

The Company: Sydney based Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters, and see stunning reports on the results. The company was started in 2004 by Ben Richardson and David Greiner in their last year of college, with a focus on web design. (more…)

Trello: marking a milestone by delighting customers

Trello, a web-based project management app from Fog Creek Software that can also be synced with a smartphone app, makes project collaboration simple and rather enjoyable. And as of yesterday it boasts 500,000 signups, which is awesome- and the way they decided to celebrate is even awesomer (I don’t care, it should be a word). (more…)

Should your startup be on Pinterest?


Group brainstorming doesn’t work

Here at Printfection we’ve recently undertaken a project to refine the wording on our homepage and throughout our site to speak more clearly to our target market. It would have been easy to pile into a room, break out a whiteboard, and start free-styling thoughts in a brainstorm session to determine the new language. But we decided to go another route; instead we’re each privately thinking and developing our suggested copy in separate documents and then will later read and discuss everyone else’s ideas online, refining them to create the ULTIMATE wording (we hope!). Why would we do something that seemingly wastes time and duplicates efforts? Read on young grasshopper… (more…)

What could you do to improve your productivity by 10%?

There’s a lot of GTD and productivity talk in the startupsphere. All fine and dandy, but for most us there’s a laundry list of productivity hacks much simpler than GTD. Things so simple, David Allen would be laughed off the bookshelves if he wrote about them! But since I don’t have any books to sell, let me share my little secret with you… (more…)

The 10 most amazing ways to celebrate the 4th of July

1.) Get a tattoo expressing your undying devotion for your country: (more…)