Month: June 2012

What Call Me Maybe taught me about the importance of an open API

Call Me Maybe is a song by Canadian recording artist Carly Rae Jepsen released as the lead single from her EP in September 2011 through 604 Records. Even though the song was initially released in Canada, surely by now you’ve heard it, whether you wanted to or not. So how did it go from being launched in another country nearly a year ago, to getting stuck in your head today? (more…)

Introducing Purchase Campaigns!

We’re excited to announce that there’s a new way to quickly get merch to events, into your hands, and out to your fans; it’s called a Purchase Campaign.

Use a Purchase Campaign to:

  • order the right merch for upcoming events like parties and trade-shows (you can even skip the suitcase haul and have it delivered to your final destination)
  • sample the products you’ve created
  • deck out your team
  • send loyal customers a thoughtful care package (more…)

Be sure you’re taking the right kind of little bets

Many advocates of the lean start up method encourage you to take little bets by shipping a product as soon as possible or at least opening it up for potential customers, regardless of finalized (or any) design. From there you’re encouraged to tweak and make iterations based on your learnings. But design and user experience clearly have an impact on the way people will appreciate (or not) your product. (more…)

You’re never the best, until you are

Every single thing you do in life, every new skill, new concept, new whatever, you’ll never be the best, at least at first. You’re never going to be the fastest runner on day one. You’ll never know the most about business the day you graduate. You’ll never have the best blog, ground breaking book, any of it. You’re never going to have any of it, until, all of a sudden, you do. (more…)