Month: July 2010

How to Increase Free Trial Reactivations? Zendesk Uses a T-Shirt Call to Action

Zendesk LogoA lot of SaaS (software as a service) companies have 30 day free trials. In the subscription business, one of the primary ways to sign up new customers without breaking the marketing budget is increasing the conversion rate from trials to paying customers. But how?

Increasingly, companies are using sophisticated email marketing techniques like autoresponders and drip campaigns. When a trial expires, a specific email message can be triggered. But what's an effective call-to-action likely to get readers to reactivate their trial and become a paying customer?


BlackBerry Twitter T-Shirt Giveaway

BlackBerry Announces Twitter T-Shirt Giveaway Research In Motion's latest Twitter marketing offer was a t-shirt giveaway for their UK followers. Every 10th person to follow the BlackBerry Twitter Account and retweet the following message won this shirt:

Follow us & RT this tweet by 5pm GMT for your chance to win a BBM T-shirt! Every 10th tweet wins! (UK ONLY) #BBMT4MeUK


How to design a good looking t-shirt even if you have ZERO design skills

A T-shirt designed by someone with no design skillsWhen we launched our t-shirt giveaway service the first thing I wanted to do was launch an official Printfection giveaway. Except our classic Printfection shirt left a lot to be desired. Nobody at our office even wears the shirt!

Giving a t-shirt away and having it relegated to the bottom of the dresser drawer defeats the whole idea behind giving away free swag. Receiving a bland t-shirt for free is nice, but receiving an awesome free t-shirt is way better.

Instead of giving away our existing, boring t-shirt I managed to create three new, exiciting designs. And I have absolutely no artistic ability! So how’d I do it? A t-shirt design contest!