If you’re thinking about starting a company- do it in Denver. If you’re thinking about moving your startup- move it to Denver. Denver not only boasts the right economic and demographic conditions, but the startup movement here is building and you could get in on the ground level. Need more to be persuaded?

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  1. Denver has lower costs of real estate and doing business than most cities, including SF and NYC. Also in terms of real estate there’s enough density to get ideas flowing, but enough space to not feel piled on top of one-another.
  2. DTC’s Innovation Pavilion, which houses startups in addition to established companies and academic and government organizations offers entrepreneurs co-working space and internet for as little as $200 a month.
  3. Denver is home to an impressive number of creatives (about 29.3% of the population). And Denver’s creative sector consists of more than 2,900 creative enterprises, employing approximately 19,000 people. Organizations like Create Denver exist to help foster and grow this creative energy.
  4. Education levels are high, with 69.1% of the population having earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  5. Denver is the fifth best place to live for young adults in the United States, a Kiplinger’s Personal Finance report said- which means you’ll have plenty of smart and eager future employees.
  6. Denver has a vibrant and quickly growing startup ecosystem with over 500 companies already including Frontier AirlinesSympozMapquest, Photobucket, and more.
  7. There are awesome support groups and community events like Denver Founders Network, Denver Tech Meetup, and Denver Startup Week.
  8. People are down to earth, excited to be part of a movement that’s gaining momentum and not overly cocky- which means they’re interested in helping you.
  9. Parties!!!! Hey, it’s important to take some time off from work to rejuvenate.
  10. Denver brews more beer AND has more days of sunshine than any city in the country. It also boasts 4,529 restaurants. So you’ll surely eat, drink, and be merry.

We’re proud to declare Denver our home! Join us.